Aliso峡谷公园改善工程(W.O. 1907295)(存档)

减轻负面声明(BE NG 10-266-BE) , Council District 12 在格拉纳达山社区: located in Aliso Canyon, 里纳尔迪街18041号, 在赫斯佩里亚和奇米尼亚斯大道之间, 在格拉纳达山社区. The City of Los Angeles proposes to construct a 7-acre equestrian day-use and park facility at a former, privately-owned equestrian site within Aliso Canyon Park. Aliso Canyon Park is an existing, undeveloped City park, covering approximately 60 acres in area. The project includes a parking area for (6) equestrian trailers and (24) passenger vehicles, 还有一个(220英尺乘110英尺)的赛车场, 小型看台(27英尺长,5排, 草原地区, 行走路径, 和一个bio-swale, as well as picnic areas with both covered and uncovered tables (Figure1). A modular restroom is included in the base project description. 设施还包括自行车架, 还有给马浇水的, 系留的帖子, 将铁路击剑, and landscaping with California native plant species. Moreover, the access road will be demolished and re-graded to meet a 10:1 slope. Bridge crossings over Aliso Canyon Creek the creek are also included; an equestrian bridge would be located at the existing wet crossing, while the pedestrian bridge would be located about 600 feet to the south and opposite from the equestrian parking area. Both bridges would provide access to an existing horse/pedestrian trail that follows along the western bank of Aliso Creek. 这条小路一直延伸到上阿利索峡谷. Construction is anticipated to begin in June of 2011 and be completed in November of 2011. 一旦完成, the facility would be operated and maintained by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, 山谷地区.

If you should have any questions, please contact 威廉 Jones at (213) 485-5760, or e-mail at 威廉


The MND was considered and adopted by the Recreation and Parks Commission on November 15, 2010. The Notice of Determination was filed with the Los Angeles County Clerk on November 19, 2010.

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